How To Reduce Blood Sugar- Loving What You Eat

Ever since I was cured from my blood disorder that was shared in my earlier post, my life revolves around living a healthy lifestyle that requires I do things different than perhaps other people.

It’s no secret that a large population of people love the taste of good food and sweets are often times at the top of the list even when it puts us at risk of many illnesses one being blood sugar issues. Based on many friends and loved ones who have struggled with diabetes, I have done my research on how to reduce blood sugar and want to show you how to manage this disease while enjoying your healthy life style.

I have a close friend who struggled with type 2 diabetes and was taking insulin once to twice a day. It wasn’t because he didn’t want to make healthy changes but he didn’t know how.

In our daily conversations he would share his frustration about exercising for 1.5 hours per day but the weight loss and sugar levels were just not getting any better and according to him, it felt like a loss cause.

I’m going to show you how through research, education, and consistent changes not only how to reduce these levels but how to maintain it and restore the cause while enjoying the change. I hope you will keep reading!

*** Important Please Read*** This page may require you consult your doctor if you are unsure about any of the natural remedies suggested. No one under the age 18 should use any of these remedies.

What Causes Sugar Levels To Rise

One of the most popular reasons for sugar levels elevating is due to the different stages of diabetes. This well-known disease causes the blood glucose that’s produced from foods we eat to reach high levels in our bodies compromising our health.

The pancreas releases insulin in our bodies making our cells sensitive to glucose or our bodies do not produce insulin however, If the glucose levels remain to high it can likely lead to a diabetic condition.

If this condition is not treated and monitored daily it could lead to more severe complication like:

  • Loss of vision
  • Higher risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Nerve Damage
  • Hard to heal open wounds
  • Kidney Damage

Sign and symptoms you may experience along the way

  • Frequent need to urinate
  • Weight Gain
  • Increased itchy skin
  • Irritability
  • Tingling of the feet and hands
  • More often than normal thirst
  • Fatigue

Foods Causing High Blood Sugar Levels

This friend of mine thought drinking store bought juices, eating lots of fruit, starches and sugar- free items was okay. His weight continued to rise and so did his sugar levels.

The answer to his problem was right before him but he couldn’t see it. I taught him how to read the labels to his food and to watch out for the following foods in order to prevent high blood sugar levels. Potatoes, rice, pastas, sugar, high sodium, can foods, excessive fruits, frozen dinners, fast foods, ready made juices, frozen juices, hot and cold cereals, and bread.

I guess you would ask yourself what’s left, well you would be amazed at all the great foods left to eat. I would say the  ketogenic diet way of eating sums it all up. It teaches you how to enjoy tasty foods while managing your blood sugar levels. You embrace healthy eating lifestyle, you feel 10 times better, your energy is through the roof, sleeping patterns are more consistent, you experience healthy weigh loss. And the most important thing is you are no longer in danger of diabetes.

Natural Foods To Control Diabetes Lowering Sugar Level

With these options there are loads of healthy and tasty recipes so you don’t have to end your enjoyment of food. I’m going to show you a couple of recipes and hope you can try them. Also, I will share a couple of cookbooks with easy recipes and Healthy food choices. Of course like anything else, too much of any foods eaten is never good for our bodies therefore, portion control is always strongly advised.

  1. Healthy Foods
  2. Fresh meats
  3. Fresh Vegetables
  4. Certain Fresh Fruits
  5. Grains
  6. Protein
  7. Low Calorie Drinks

Fruits Producing Less Sugar

I’m amazed at the population of people who believe all fruits no matter what are good for you. The truth of the matter is, when a person is dealing with diabetes or spiked sugar levels some fruits will be harder to process that others. Let’s look at the fruits lower in sugar and carbohydrates making it easier for our bodies to process.

  • Honeydew Melons
  • Black Berries
  • Grapes
  • Blue Berries
  • Cherries
  • Peaches
  • Oranges
  • Grape fruit

Though apples will not spike the sugar levels they are higher in carbohydrates meaning you could have them however, avoid bowls of fruit, in fact fruit in take should be equivalent to what you can hold in one hand and should only be once not to exceed twice daily.

If a person is not dealing with levels of diabetes, they can enjoy many other fruits more often.

Fruits are a necessary, and are natural supplement but when the pancreas is not working the way it should we have to eat what’s best for our bodies.

How To Reading The Nutrition Labels About Foods

The most important thing to pay attention to when looking at the nutrition label is the carbohydrate count to the serving size located at the top of the label. The daily low carb count should not exceed 20-40 grams of carbs per day therefore, if you follow this label and you take in the serving size of 1/2 cup, no matter what is on the other side of this label, you will be at 43 grams of carbs which has already put you over your daily limit for such a small serving. This is why it’s so important to read the labels of what you eat throughout the day.

Why should you count Carbs? Carbohydrates break down into sugar so, even if sugar says 0g your body is still processing sugar in the system in large measures. Let’s look at how to read the above label by seeing the content below.

  • Total Carbohydrate  43g
  • Fiber is 0g
  • Sodium is 0MG
  • Sugar in this case is 0g
  • Protein 4g

I hope by seeing this example you are able to understand why it so important to pay close attention to the Carbohydrates intake especially when you are trying to manage the blood sugar levels.

What Is The Best Exercise For Diabetes

Though there are several low impact exercise good for maintaining a healthy lifestyle with diabetes, if you are just getting into a daily work out walking is one of the best. You would want to start out at about 15-20 minutes and up the time as you feel you can do more, the more miles walked the more you will keep your blood sugar levels within a normal range.

Make sure you stretch before any workouts you choose, below are more options to choose from.

  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Low Impact Aerobic Dancing
  • Pilates
  • Yoga

Wrapping Things Up

I know this information just touches the tip of the iceberg but I hope it gives awareness to how to naturally bring the blood sugar levels down and maintain type 2 diabetes while working to eliminate medication or to prevent ever needing this type of care. Eating the right foods and exercising is a great reward especially when you are able to live a healthy lifestyle.

I would love to hear from you, please feel free to post your comments below and tell me what you thing about this information that has been shared.

Best Regards


Customer Reviews Can-C Eye Drops- 2 Bottles To A Box

*** Important Please Read*** This page may require you consult your doctor if you are unsure about any of the natural remedies suggested. No one under the age 18 should use any of these remedies.

Carnosine acts as a protector and is found naturally in foods and human cells to protect anit-glycation and anti-oxidants. This preceptor declines over the years with age and is linked to some reason for declining levels causing the onset of cataract and other eye disease’s.

Can-C eye-drops Though not evaluated by FDA, is manufactured by a licensed manufacturer who is located in Great Britain in a GMP certified, this pharmaceutical facility  meets ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 standards for the formulating, designing and manufacture of sterile contact lens solution and pharmaceutical solutions.

  • Lubricant Eye Drops with N-Acetylcarnosine
  • Also known as carnosine eye drops
  • Contains two 5ml vials
  • from $39.00 on Amazon

One box of two containers will last up to 3 weeks if used twice daily in both eyes.Can-C 


  • Glycerin (lubricant) is 1.0%
  • Carboxy Methyl Cellulose sodium (lubricant) is 0.3%


  • Boric Acid
  • Bicarbonate
  • N-a-Acetyl-Carnosine (NAC) 1%
  • Potassium 
  • Purified Benzyl Alcohol (as Preservative) 0.3%

Documented Results


Wise Choice Medicine explains how and why Can-C reverses cataract disease.

Can-C eye drops used for aging cataract applied over a period of 6 moths used twice a day per eye reports statistics below.


  •  88.9% had an improvement sensitivity to glare.
  •  41.5% had transmissivity improvement to the eye lens
  • 90% had an improvement in their visibility.

Questions and Answers

In Addition To Cataract And Glaucoma, Other Eye Disorders Can-C Cures:

  • Presbyopia- The need for reading glasses
  • Corneal disorders:can cause clouding, distortion, scarring and eventually blindness.
  • Computer Vision Syndrome Loosing focus on the computer with weakening eye muscles
  • Eye straining Tired eyes from driving working too much TV reading and computers
  • Ocular inflammation a component of eye surgery
  • Blurred vision abnormality effecting night vision
  • Dry Eye Syndrome tear evaporate immaturely causing redness, discharge, and fatigue to the eyes
  • Retinal disease’s detachment or tear in the eye
  • Vitreous opacities and lesions massive collection of tumor cells to the eye

Side Effects with Can-C

These eye drops should be soothing to the eyes however, if there is any burning to the eyes it will not create any damage but discontinue using them and consult your eye specialist.

Side Effects and complications with cataract surgery

​According to the Mayo Clinic side effects and complications with Eye Surgery’s are uncommon however, issues that could occur can usually be treated successfully. Should you experience anything on the list below you would want to contact your doctor immediately.

  • Swelling to the eyelids
  • Loss vision
  • Retinal Detachment
  • Infection
  • Spot and or floater in they eye
  • Pain in the eye from surgery
  • Increase of redness to the eye
  • Eye Inflammation
  • Bleeding
  • Glaucoma
  • Secondary Cataract
  • Increase of redness to the eye

Is It True It Helps Dogs?

Yes, within weeks the film on my dogs eyes was gone and the white of the eyes are no longer brown also, 96% of dogs who were treated with these eye drops showed significant improvement.

Are The Results Good For Life?

It’s advisable to continue periodic eye care to avoid the disease returning. Note capsular opacification (a complication after cataract surgery) can develop in about 25% of patients after cataract surgery.

How Do You Know If The Product Is Working?

Night vision is one of the first things noticeable. This is an indication the cataract is getting thinner. You will experience brighter colors improve within a couple of months. Continuing this regiment for 6-12 months should yield a good report when you return for your annual eye check up.

Will It Work On Advanced Cataract?

Yes the eye drops will help a long time growing cataract however, earlier is always better. People who have had the disease for seven-15 years are still able to see great results.

Are There Any Medications That Conflict With Can-C?

Whenever you are taking or adding new medications you should always consult your doctor or eye care specialist to confirm you are good to continue the eye drops.

Up to this point there has been no reported conflicting medicates while using the Can-C.

Click the link to see some testimonials

Can -C Eye Drops testimonials 

Reviews on Amazon

would live to hear your comments on this topic.

Best Regard



Cataract Natural Treatment – Enjoy Reading Again

Hello everyone,

There’s so much I’d like to share with my readers relating to enhancing your lifestyle. In this post I will be talking about a body part we never want to take for granted, that’s our eyesight. Some people have experienced great eye site most of their lives but, there are those who have not been so fortunate. I am one who had 20/20 vision until I reached age 40. I was in denial for about 4 years before I embraced the truth about needing reading glasses and over the years my eye’s have encountered infections and other eye challenges in fact, things get worse before getting better.

We’ll talk about awareness of cataract diseases symptoms, surgical, and natural solutions. Hopefully after reading my post you will have more solutions than surgery. If not for yourself perhaps you can pass it on to a loved one or to help a pet

*** Important Please Read*** This page may require you consult your doctor if you are unsure about any of the natural remedies suggested. No one under the age 18 should use any of these remedies.


Cataract is an eye disease that clouds the lens in the eyes, it looks like a film over the eye that can be detected early on with annual visits to the eye doctor. This disease is most commonly due to aging but not limited to young people. I have to say my challenged deterioration of my eye site is mostly due to age and excessive use on my computer.

The population

This disease is very common and growing globally at approximately 100 million eyes effected with cataract from 2019-2020.

In America alone, there are about 24.4 million people today diagnosed with cataract and this number is expected to rise by 2050 to an estimated 50 million people.

Early Cataracts Symptoms

I have numerous family members who either have had or is experiencing different stages of cataract. Though this is not a death sentence it is something that debilitates the lifestyle for someone who is able to see less than normal.

  • 1) Vision becomes blurry with increasing loss of vision over time
  • 2) Night lights on cars make it harder to see when driving, and pole lights produce extra glare.
  • 3) Over a period of time any light poses an uncomfortable glare which can be challenging when doing things like reading, watching TV, even being at a restaurant eating, can be hard to see what’s right in front of you, (Your food).

When Should You Have Cataract Surgery

Doctors no longer need to wait for a period of time before performing this type of eye surgery however it’s not recommended unless their are signs of blurred vision. The patient diagnosed usually alerts the doctor it’s time by complaining they can’t see anything clearly anymore and usually express it is unbearable to continue this decreased vision.

If, Cataract is in both eyes doctors will perform the surgery one eye at a time several weeks apart allowing the first eye to be completely healed before performing the other eye procedure.

Side effects to Cataract Surgery

According to the Mayo Clinic side effects and complications are uncommon, issues that could occur can usually be treated successfully. Should you experience anything on the list below you would want to contact your doctor immediately.

  • Swelling to the eyelids
  • Loss vision
  • Retinal Detachment
  • Infection
  • Spot and or floater in they eye
  • Pain in the eye from surgery
  • Increase of redness to the eye
  • Eye Inflammation
  • Bleeding
  • Glaucoma
  • Secondary Cataract
  • Increase of redness to the eye

Surgical sunglasses are provided after the procedure to help with the eye sensitivity to light for several weeks. The patient is required to administer a couple of different eye drops for a few weeks after surgery. There are a couple of follow up visits to make sure the surgery is successful.

How Much Does It Cost For Cataract Surgery

The average cost for this type of surgery ranges from $5000.00 to 10,000 per eye however, most insurance companies will cover a portion if you have vision coverage. The percentage you pay will depend on your insurer and what they pay. Often times the patient will pay an out-of-pocket that could be higher than you may want to pay.

Natural Cataract Treatment

After my dog and I were both diagnosed with cataract disease, I did my research on this common health topic, and decided to look into other alternatives to treat this disease. Many people think the only solution is surgery but, this is far from the truth.

What if I told you there are eye drops that have reversed this eye disease and have corrected many other problems with the eyes.

I know it may sound funny but our pets have very similar health issues as humans, this includes cataract and other eye diseases.

My pet Cocker Spaniel was diagnosed with Cataract with the only solution being surgery for about $1800.00 or eventually go blind. There was a noticeable film over his eyes and I knew if I did nothing he would soon be blind.

Through research, I discovered these eye drop called Can-C, one of few other eye drops products to cure cataract. I started the eye drops December 20th, 2019 and with in the first couple of weeks I noticed the film was gone, today the brown particles are all gone and his eyes are clear and beautiful.

I just started using the product and will keep you posted on the on my progress along with others who this information was passed on to. feel free to check out the links in my post to read some reviews.


There will be people who would ask themselves “What do you have to loose” and there will be people who say no way, this is just not possible. If you read the reviews you will see most people love the results from using the non-surgical eye drops and there will be other who for what ever the reason said it just was not for them.

After reading the side effects to eye surgery and the possibility of permanent damage to my eye, I would also ask you my readers “What do you have to loose” if this is something you or a loved one is dealing with, you may be pleasingly surprised at the outcome, just food for thought!

I look forward to hearing your comments, suggestions, and expertise on this topic.

Best Regards



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What about sponsored content?

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Health Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar Daily- With Honey

I started using vinegar and honey in 2002 and will provide you with a recipe that I call a hot toddy later in this post.

This is one of many things’ that allows me to have good health. When I started out I had no idea there were so many health benefits to such a simple daily routine.

In 2003 my husband at that time was experiencing discoloration of his skin turning white. Being a Realtor and always fact to face with clients he shared his embarrassment when greeting people. His skin was turning white around his hairline, hands, feet and rapidly growing in other areas.

I went on line to research a condition called Vitiligo however, I had no success with a cure. He joined me in drinking the vinegar and honey however, he was in no way a healthy person but he enjoyed the taste of the hot toddy first thing in the mornings. I looked at him one day after he had been taking it for about 24 months and noticed the skin discoloration was totally gone from his entire body.

I will be showing you all about the benefits of drink the hot toddy along with other health and beauty purposes

Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey- A Healthy Choice

***PLEASE NOTE*** If you are under 18 years of age, under doctor care with medication or you experience allergic reactions to vinegar or honey please stop here and consult your doctor before proceeding with this remedy.

Usually daily regiments is no picnic in the park, in fact most things’ that I do to maintain good heath I’m not fond of but I do them for preventative reasons. I want to give you information based on my research over the years.

  • The Best Raw Vinegar- Just any vinegar won’t due, the best is Bragg’s, this vinegar is raw meaning it has not been processed so, if you shake the bottle or look at the bottom it’s really cloudy with particles but that’s a good thing. You can now purchase Bragg’s Raw Vinegar on line, in most grocery stores, but If you can’t find it there you can definitely purchase it in your health food stores. The cost is very reasonable.
  • The Best Raw Honey – Based on my research and use of honey over the years I recommend a locally produced honey. The ideal raw honey can be found in your local health food stores. Check the label to validate it was produced at a honey farm with in a 50-mile radius from where you reside. The prices can very depending on the distributor but it’s worth the investment when you see the benefits. Store bought honey is still good to have if you use it on a daily basis. Raw is for health purposes.

Honey and Vinegar Benefits – And Much More

As we take a closer look at the benefits of apple cider vinegar and honey, only will you see how it maintains a healthy lifestyle, it is uses for non health remedies too.

Vinegar was first documented in 3000 BC by ancient Babylonians, Also there were traces founded in Egypt and China so, you can see you can see it’s not a new remedy in just a few centuries ago however, over the years may discoveries have been documented for may things’ listed below:

Benefits of Raw Vinegar

As we take a closer look at the benefits of apple cider vinegar and honey, you will see the role it plays in maintains a healthy lifestyle, it is uses for non health remedies too.

Vinegar was first documented in 3000 BC by ancient Babylonians, Also there were traces founded in Egypt and China so, you can see you can see it’s not a new remedy that’s been around for just a few centuries however, over the years may discoveries have been documented for many things’ listed below:

Internal use of  Raw Vinegar

  1. Lower blood sugar in type 2 diabetics
  2. Eliminates Acid Reflex
  3. Deals with Vitiligo
  4. Gas & Bloating
  5. Cures Candida
  6. Reduces Weight
  7. Improves Heart Health
  8. Can stop the damaging of cancer cells
  9. Soothes sore throats
  10. Treats ear infections
  11. Cures toenail fungus
  12. Helps with arthritis inflammation
  13. Fights infections

External Use of Vinegar

  1. 1 Deodorant
  2. 15. Treats dandruff
  3. 16. Relieves sunburn
  4. 17. Facial Toner
  5. 18. A hair conditioner

This the longer we live the more we discover the benefits of vinegar.

Benefits of Raw Honey

Research shows honey has been around since 7000 BC founded in Spain. This powerful healing alternative comes from bee farms, bees are among other insects that pollinate however, though I’m not very educated on the process of honey I do know the advantages and benefits produces by bees.

Internal Use of Raw Honey

      1. Helps with allergies
      2. Treats coughs
      3. Relieves nausea
      4. Strengthens immune system
      5. Help Digestion
      6. Increase potassium

External Use of Raw Honey

      1. 7. Heal burns
      2. 8. Improves postmenopausal discomfort
      3. 9. Prevents and treats cancer

There are so many more benefits to honey.

Cider Vinegar And Honey For Recipes

Hot Toddy Recipe

Boil water over the stove

pouring 3 fluid ounces of water in a cup with

1 tablespoon of honey

1 tablespoon of vinegar

Stir until the liquid is clear. This drink taste like a hot apple cider drink, it’s sweet and tangy. Some people add a cinnamon stick which has great health benefits as well.

Enjoy the taste as you get healthy!

Apple Cider Vinegar Foot Soak

Mix 1 cup of vinegar to every two cups of water warm water. You can use white distilled vinegar for foot soak and will get the same results. This foot soak will aid in toe fungus, corns, calluses. Blisters and warts.

Eczema bath

Add 2 cups of apple cider vinegar to warm bath water to soak in. The vinegar fights against infections.

***Note*** if you are on certain medications consult your doctor before using these remedies to avoid allergic reactions.

Because there are so many things’ vinegar and honey can be used for I’m only able to provide a few.

Final Comments

So I hope you can see how powerful these two house hold items are for everything from internal to external use. The positive is you have practically no side effects if you are not allergic to them. There is a great savings in cost and more often than not they work. Last when we do holistic remedies they deal with the internal cause and not just the symptoms.

Please send me your comments, I would love to here from you.

Best Regards




Homeopathy Medicine Online- How to Research

In my earlier post, I talked about the research and time invested to understand health issues and what’s needed in order to have a successful outcome. In studying about internal medicines, eastern medicines, and western medications I was able to gain a better understanding on the approach I choose to take.

When I was new to the internet and research, I would have been grateful to get information on what may have seemed simple to some but may be complicated to others.  As I take this journey I ask those who may be more advanced to be patient with information to make sure everyone gets it.

In 1987 when I started this homeopathic journey we didn’t have the technology that we have today therefore, I had to get access my information at the libraries taking tons of notes as I gathered numerous information.

Today it’s so much easier to do research on line allowing people to have so much more at our fingertips and are able to buy health herbs to address our medical needs. Some people online purchasing items may not remember, a time internet did not exist, It’s priceless to make our decisions on the herbs at our disposal on line in a matter of minutes with deliveries as soon as next day delivery however, there may be warning signs to consider.

Advantage Of Internet Research

research is always advised, I learned some time ago when someone tells me something, look it up. This is a powerful tool in today’s time to validate any information requested.Over the years I’ve had some minor medical diagnosis such as:

  • Symptoms of menopause
  • Hair loss
  • eye site
  • Depression
  • Weight gain
  • Healthy eating

You may be able to think of some other minor or more serious things relating to health and what you need to know”

  • Where do I start researching: Articles, post, and blogs are great resources.
  • How do I know I’m looking at reliable information: Its always good to consider the source for example, if you are looking for information on a symptom about mood sing, you would search by asking a question several ways until you are able to get the answers from Insurance That Covers Alternative Medicine to you. There has been times when I spent over an hour searching for information and finally after asking the right question I found just what I was looking for.
  • How many sights should I look at for research: I usually check several sights for information, I read the content to see if I’m on the right track, If I’m looking for homeopathic information I want to make sure I’m getting natural resources, If I’m for medical resources I want information based on what the doctors are saying.
  • Do I need to search information in my state only: This question depends, if you are looking for information to gain information for instance on identifying a problem the resource can come from just about anywhere however, If you are looking for a location then you would want to narrow the search down to you’re local area but, if you are placing an order online it’s highly likely the product is coming from another state which is very common

Holistic & Alternative Medicine – How To Choose

Family medications from a holistic approach is becoming more and more popular with many more medical facilities online to choose from. Today we can observe the reviews of a particular MD and learn about the overall practice from the comfort of you’re home.

Most questions can be answered at the click of a button on your computer. We’re no longer limited too few resources but, there are plenty of options found under the following searches.

  • Holistic Medical Practice
  • Integrated Medicine
  • Homeopathic Medical Practice
  • Natural Healthy Family Practice
  • Alternative Medicine

How you search will depend on the facilities you will pull up so make sure you utilize the search many ways to choose the best fit for your needs.

Health Insurance That Covers Alternative Medicine

One of the draw backs to alternative medications is, does insurance companies cover holistic and alternative medications which is why I have been so involved in doing my own online research for the best remedies to mine and others illnesses however, depending on the insurance companies there may be some holistic needs to be covered by them. Let’s take a look at some of them below

  • Massage Therapy
  • Chiropractic care
  • Bio Feedback
  • Chiropractic Treatment
  • Clinical Hypnosis

You would want to check with your insurance company to see if any of these are covered however herbs are most likely not covered therefore, do your research online based on what you need to accomplish.

I will be going over some potions relating to herbs and self books to help with you’re healing and or preventative care.

Scams and Frauds Online – Beware

Though there are many positive things about the internet research and purchasing, there is also a down to be on the look out for. I’m amazed at the number of people who use the internet but can’t tell when something is authentic and when it could be a scam.

A scam is where someone is working to take from you however they can get what you have.

  • When going to various sites especially when you are making a purchase, make sure the site starts with “HTTPS” which is a secure site, if the site is just “HTTP” it is not secure and you stand a chance of hackers being able to see you’re personal information.
  • When making a purchase always make sure you’re there is a contact usually found at the bottom of the site with the address and phone number. Some larger online companies may hard to see on the website. I usually search the company and phone number on the subject line.
  • Beware of companies delivering out of the country, if you choose to proceed with information and purchases, check out reviews to see what others are telling you about that online source.
  • Pay options should never be Money Gram, Western Union and any other pay options where you send money out of the country or to a vendor without getting an online confirmation of your transaction.

Wrap UP

I have learned over the years Internet research and purchasing items on the online is a great resource. If you have experience with this process you will probable agree there are pros and cons to this and everything. If you have has trust issues about the online services, practice is recommended because this is the direction for tomorrow technology. I would say don’t be afraid but gain awareness so you can continue to be successful in your health choices.

Best Regards

Enhancing Your Mind, Body – Spirit-Awareness

So if you’ve come this far reading my testimony you’re on your way to Enhancing Your Mind and Body gaining awareness by being in tuned to your spirit. Obtaining a healthy lifestyle and learning about myself has truly allowed me to take control and take my power back relating to my health. The enchantment of my mind and body was a game changer that came with fear because now would make decisions without a doctor directing me. One thing I learned early on was how powerful mind over matters really is.

Awareness of Our True Self

I have to say at 29 years old I was not trying to entertain how to be in tuned to myself as a whole person, but through this life challenging experience I was forced to begin this journey realizing I am made of three parts:

  • I am a being with a spirit.
  • My mind giving me choices in life.
  • My body will follow the choices made by my mind

Having the awareness of these three things opened a door on how to apply these things in my daily life.

Have you ever had to clean out a closet, garage, or a storage unit, It can be exhausting just thinking about the undertaking so, we can put off today what we say we’ll do tomorrow? Wrong thinking. We do much the same in our life changes as house cleaning within ourselves we sometimes have to purge people places and things. These changes can be quite exhausting, fearful, depressing and a lot of other things.

Let’s take a look at the three parts of our whole self below:

  • The Spirit- takes us on a spiritual journey helped to understand through meditation with yourself and a higher power, for me that’s God how to focus on positive things leaving all stress, fear, negative thoughts, non forgiveness, and anger outside of this space. The more you meditate the more peace you gain which leads to faith that everything will be okay
  • Our Mind/Soul- is a powerful part of you and me giving no place to what the doctors negative report about our health may say. Not saying they’re wrong in diagnosing but how far do we allow people others to dictate how long we live and when we die. It’s true your mind is always stronger than the matter, issue or diagnosis.
  • The Body- can not live without the spirit and mind/soul, which gives our minds the power to take control of whatever our body is going through like sickness and to speak life and healing over our challenges through meditation and prayer depending on our own spiritual belief.

If you go to the doctor and are given a negative report

enhancing your mind body and spirit- Meditation 

I would ask  someone who may not believe we are three parts spirit, mind, and body, if life hasn’t been working for you, what do you have to lose by trying these steps if it could heal your body and mind.

In 2004, I started a daily meditation.
Though I was hesitant about the unknown, I received great feedback and gaining loads of awareness about how it works and how to connect with self healing through several types of meditation.

The weekly classes attendees about 50-60 people who experience cleansing allowing things below to be eliminated:

  • l Body pain
  • l Sleepless nights
  • l Anxiety
  • l Mood swings
  • l Weak Immune
  • l Head aches
  • l Distracted
  • l Irritable
  • l Worry
  • l Fear

These are just a few things that self healing with meditation will cure, I was able to experience many of these myself. Having this type spiritual awareness and cleansing is a valuable source. Meditation helps us to regain a sense of self-control also, it can help us to revisit places in our years of development from our early life cycles where we may have been damaged or violated in past years.

When it comes to healing the mind and body, meditation is a strong recommendation view the illustration below.

Stages human life cycle- seven year itch

Studies shows about every 7 years we experience life changes due to our level of maturity and changes in our brain cells based on our age. Some people’s changes are accurate to what these changes should be however, life’s unexpected can cause some people to mature much sower than others based on abuse, trauma, premature use of drugs and alcohol. Let’s take a look at some stages people go through from child hood to young adults.

0-7 years of age: Structure and love is a very important part of this cycle, these are the years that mold us as we discover love, happiness, anger, laughter, pain, jealousy, fear, insecurities, or feeling secure. Without these discoveries a person could experience these things for a longer and harder life span as adults. Teaching boundaries are very important between the ages when the child is walking and talking.

Ages 7-14: the body is experiencing physical maturity and psychological changes and development. The connection to outside people like friends become more meaningful and a sense of loyalty or distrust begins to be a part of the growth process. Also, somewhere in this process puberty begins in both male and female changing the brain cells as the body takes on a transformation.

Ages 14-21: another level of psychological and mental changes take place as intimate feelings for opposite or same sex are discovered. Coming into more of one’s self and identity promotes one’s own choices and greater mistakes, a different level of fear, anger, and abandonment, however on the other side there is a greater experience of love, trust, acceptance and vulnerability.

Years after age 21 life cycles continue to change about every 7 years and we become more aware of things that have been brewing in our minds unknowingly but, now were able to identify changes we need to take to eliminate negative energy.

Steps taken to reconditioning the subconscious

  • Practice being Okay with what you can’t control
  • Take time out for your self at least three times a day
  • Learn what you can control
  • Give yourself positive affirmation daily
  • It’s OK to make mistakes
  • Find things to laugh about especially when you are in negative thought
  • Set aside a time if you need to confront an issue with a loved one or co-worker
  • Read books that give you positive affirmation
  • Do something that you like at least once a week for starters
  • Take advantage of essential oils that promote positive energy

This new concept to some people may be overwhelming however, if you can master about 1-2 of them each month you will find that old subconscious negative behaviors will lessen and you will see positive results in your mind and mental state.

Self-help resources for mental health

I have identified some books and other resources to help you with maintaining a positive spirit, body, and mind. I hope you take the time to look them over and choose what you know will fit your lifestyle.

Practicing Mindfulness has 75 essential meditations and reduce stress, it also improves mental health and helps to find peace in everyday living.

The Building Resilience Workbook This is an amazing self-help workbook about reproducible self-assessments, exercises and educational handouts. I found this book to be helpful identifying areas in my life that I needed to change and gave me the healthy tools to assist me

I look forward to hearing your comments, concerns, and questions. Going through this journey will help you obtain quality health and live a happy successful life.

In my next topic I will be talking about healthy consisting of our basic daily needs.

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Hi everyone, welcome to my “Healthy For Life” website. I started my health journey over 30 years ago when I was diagnosed with an immune disorder called Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura (ITP). I want to share my story because I’m a successful woman who beat the odds and want to show you how I did it through maintaining a healthy life style.

I hope my testimony and success relating to overcoming ITP will help raise awareness relating  to overall health illnesses experienced by myself, close friends, and family by unlocking the door to understanding health disease and natural cures.

*** Important Please Read*** Some of my post moving forward may require you consult your doctor if you are unsure about any of the natural remedies suggested. No one under the age 18 should use any of these remedies.

I look forward to reading your comments, and questions.

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My Story – Don’t Give Up

At the time of my diagnosis I was 29 years old and thought I could never get sick, I thought I was superwoman even though I was experiencing all the symptoms like uncontrollable bleeding and bruising without any cause.

health diagnosis by symptoms

After a couple of months loosing blood for no known reason I finally went to see my doctor. After several blood panels were ran and approximately 4 days later,  I received a call from my doctors office telling me I needed to go straight to the hospital, because I needed a blood transfusion ASAP due low platelet disorder.  I left work and headed to the hospital where they were awaiting my arrival. I was checked in, admitted, and taken to my room where they started the blood transfusion. My thought was, this must be serious but still thinking I would be released in a day or so.

The next day I was visited by a blood specialist doctor and an internist doctor, I was told they would need to run some test to see why the loss of blood. After ruling out so many illnesses I was diagnosed with ITP and told they did not know what causes the low platelet disorders but would start treatments with hopes it would work. Fast forwarding to week three in the hospital I was released however, after 3 days home I was readmitted into the hospital for close monitoring.

Throughout this ordeal of about 4 months in and out of the hospital I was told this ITP platelet disorder was not getting better and I was falling into the 5% of people who were incurable. My doctor said the last resort was to try Chemo Therapy, treating it like Leukemia which I refused so, I was sent home to get my house in order because I was not most likely going to survive.

make change to your life

30 years ago we didn’t have access to the internet but we did have the good old libraries where I read articles on things like low platelets causes and ways to build the blood, healthy diets; ways to increase red blood and white blood cells, and how to  increase low platelet count naturally.

Based on all the research over the years,  I found resources about the blood making changes to my eating and took herbs that strengthened my blood counts. About seven months into this diagnosis I went to see my doctor, the platelet count had risen in fact,  my blood count was rising right before their eyes. From that moment on I was sold on the fact that natural remedies can be just as effective as taking medication. 30 years later I am living healthy I’m not on any medications and my physicals are always normal.

My testimony has inspired some of my close friends and family to the point of following a natural  approach to enjoy a healthy lifestyle as well.

My Years of HEALTH Experience

Not only have I been able to overcome the blood disorder, I have relied on natural health resources for many other thing that I incorporated in my daily regimen for preventative measures over the years.

restoring your health

My desire is to provide awareness and show people how to live a healthy life style and to by overcome things like daily pain, depression, and chronic illness by taking control of your health through natural resources.

Please share your comments and questions, I would love to hear from you.

All the best to you!